Who Are We 

Cactus Buzz is a family-run business and we have set out to make it our mission to help YOU.


Our ultimate business passion runs profoundly in the support for aspiring self-publishing authors with a scope of quality services offered, ranging from proofreading, copyediting, beta reading and design covers - citing just a few.  Our assurance to stand by your creative script throughout its journey to final publication and launch is what we base our value-added business ethics on.  Creating individualized unique and effective buzz campaigns specifically tailored to your creative domain.  We will expand and generate public awareness and ignite attention on creatives from readers far and wide.




We assist Self Publishing Authors

to ensure their books have great grammar and easy readability. Making sure those 5-star reviews come flying in.

We also offer to edit corporate speeches, website content and social media content.


You've put in all the work, spent hours on end self-editing your work, your cover is designed and you are ready to launch. 

Before you press that launch button, bring your book to us for one last view to pick up on any overlooked grammar or language mistakes.


The internet is full of authors, online coaches, bloggers, etc. How do you stand out from them all?

Our speciality lies in to understand what it means to build online excitement, a loyal fan base and a buzz about you and your book, using both tradition & new-age techniques.




Our Team

Mother and Daughter team that loves reading books, whom both come from a marketing background with a strong focus on copyediting & proofreading.

Carol is our residential Comma Commander, she will make sure all your full stops and Capital letters meet. Candice is the Publicity Princess, part of the editing team, but the person to help you create a buzz about your book and get those reviews.


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